What am I even doing here?

So I’ve decided to finally get that written-blog post thing going. Here I am.

I’ve had the same blank ‘New Draft’ page open for about a week, with nothing to show for it. What a good start; it’s not like I knew this wasn’t going to happen, but it’s time it changed I guess, and a little intro never hurt anyone – particularly seeing as it’ll be a non-violent narration of my thoughts.

I’m 21, and I’ve lost my ‘artsy’ self. I know it’s in here somewhere, and it’s damn-well time to flesh it out. 4 years in hiding is far too long.

This blog could turn into anything, but right now it’s going to stay as an introduction to a new beginning, a start at getting my creative pineapple-juices flowing, a leap into something that could take me anywhere. Hopefully somewhere snowy, with mountains and rivers, goats, Hobbits and Elves, and me dragging my imagination along for a solid, A+ ride to creating a little charm.

May your road lead you to warm sands, or snowy glaciers, or pineapples and cherries. ❤